In-Depth Research
for the Payer and Provider Marketplace

Winter 2016

How Payers can Benefit by Adopting a Consumer-centric Approach

Consumer Engagement Improves Consumer Experience, Member Retention and Risk Adjustment

The health care insurance market is evolving rapidly, with consumers becoming ever more responsible for making decisions and carrying a larger financial burden for their health care. The result is a consumer-driven market, with consumers demanding a level of service from their health plans that they’ve come to expect from consumer-centric companies in other markets. Visionaries in the health care industry recognize this as an opportunity to build a customer engagement model that exceeds member expectations and builds trust and loyalty, while also helping to optimize risk adjustment performance and improve payer margins.

Report Highlights
  • Member engagement that builds trust and results in higher retention.
  • Engaged members equate to more accurate Risk Scores.
  • How industry changes have effected the health plan members role.
  • The relationship between personalized communications and member satisfaction
  • Improving the adversarial nature of the health plan member experience
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