Help Providers
Get Back to the
Business of Healthcare

The Opportunity

Recent health care reforms have redefined the industry for health care providers. As the industry moves towards Risk Based Contracting (RBC) and away from a traditional fee-for-service model, providers that adapt to a risk based approach and maximize patient outcomes and the member experience can expect to share in the benefits of RBC.

The Challenges

Health care providers face the challenge of delivering high-quality health care while also handling a complex matrix of rules, regulations and increasing cost pressures.

To adapt, many providers are forming Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) requiring heightened communication and coordination between previously independent entities.

The Solution

VistaBPO’s team of professionals deliver high-quality support with consistency and efficiency, enabling providers to get back to the business of health care.

VistaBPO offers provider solutions that help elevate the quality and cost effectiveness of the care you provide. Our services focus on the quality of health care delivery, productivity, and the consumer experience. We provide personalized services that help enhance your relationship with your clients and manage secondary tasks that allow you to focus on key services. We collect quality data and perform detailed analytics to help your organization operate more productively.

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