Member Engagement

Increase High-Risk
Population Health Outcomes Through Member Engagement

Member Engagement and Retention Challenges

As healthcare becomes commoditized, payers must differentiate themselves to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Although personalized methods of member engagement and outreach are not often prioritized, they have proven to have a profound documented effect on consumer satisfaction and retention.

To maximize retention, member engagement must be more personalized and consistent, focusing on the benefit to the consumer.

Common Problems Facing Payers

  • Interactions between the member and payer are primarily negative, adding to the consumer perception that the payer member relationship is adversarial.
  • Today's Member demands a more consumer-centric relationship.
  • Payers recognize that personalized engagement is costly and labor intensive.
  • Payers frequently neglect to capitalize on positive interaction as a means to drive brand loyalty.
  • Disengaged members are less inclined to proactively utilize preventative benefits, potentially resulting in compromised population heath

Benefits of a Personalized Member Retention Strategy

  • Higher retention leads to a reduction of the necessity to acquire new members
  • Engaged member population that has a stronger understanding of their benefits
  • Better member experience leads to increased brand loyalty
  • Ability to leverage long term member data
  • Potential increase in STAR and NCQA rankings

Solutions for Member Engagement and Retention

VistaBPO has developed a comprehensive, personalized and cost effective approach to member engagement and retention.

We deliver support tools and strategies designed exclusively for the payer market. Payers further benefit by harnessing member data, resulting in a deeper understanding of their population.

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