Member Acquisition

Reduce Cost Per Member Acqusition Through Multi-platform Member Engagement

Direct Member Acquisition Challenges

Payers face unique challenges acquiring new members. Constraints of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) dictate that health plans are subject to a Mandatory Loss Ratio (MLR) of 80 percent, limiting the resources available for administrative expenses. These limited margins require a careful analysis of how payers allocate revenue.

Statistically member acquisition is the single largest payer expense outside of the mandatory 80 percent MLR.

Common Problems Facing Payers

  • Medicare and Qualified Health Plans (QHP) have very limited seasonal enrollment periods creating temporary staffing challenges
  • Acquiring new membership is cost prohibitive and payers often neglect to capitalize on prospective new member inquiries
  • Payer’s generally lack a unified member acquisition strategy
  • Educating prospective members regarding subsidy eligibility is often complex, cumbersome and cost prohibitive
  • Developing an effective multi channel engagement platform is typically impractical
  • Payers are continuously challenged to educate their prospective members regarding the complexities of how to best utilize their plans and benefits

Benefits of a Unified Member Acquisition Strategy

  • Overall reduction in cost per member acquisition
  • Better educated and a more engaged membership
  • Harness member analytics to gain insight and identify additional member acquisition opportunities

Solutions for Direct Member Acquisition

VistaBPO has developed a comprehensive, personalized and cost effective approach to member acquisition.

We deliver support tools and strategies designed exclusively for the payer market.

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