Help Better
Understand Your Members
and the Member Life Cycle

Are you providing a superior and personalized member experience?
Do you know what your members are expecting from your company and what their individual preferences and needs are?

Market Realities:
  • 85% of consumers describe their relationship with their insurer as adversarial.
  • Members whose satisfaction with their insurer was 75% or higher were roughly 60% more likely to recommend their insurer to others than those with an average level of satisfaction.
  • 38% of consumers leave a company soon after experiencing a broken promise.
  • Over 90% of members who receive at least monthly communication from their health plan report that their health plan needs are being met.
  • 63% of members prefer to learn about their health plan via email, 46% via phone, and 32% through the plan’s website.
  • 40% of plan members under the age of 35 prefer to use the Internet, Chat and SMS when communicating with their health plan.

What actions are required to effectively engage with your members? What are the individual needs and communication preferences of your members? VistaBPO's robust consumer engagement programs exceed your members customer service expectations and helps improve your bottom line.

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