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Who loves their Health Insurance Carrier?

Spring 2016

The buzz between Wall Street and the heath care sector has never been higher. Almost daily another press release is issued about another new company with a new app that will supposedly put a new spin on an old issue…. health care consumer engagement. Apps for this and apps for that. Apps to choose a physician, apps to remind you to take your medicine, apps to pay your bill, with Telemedicine apps you can even have an office visit without leaving your bedroom. All of these apps promise to engage, educate and captivate their audience. Some will prosper, some will find some use and most will wither away as quickly as they were created.

The one constant in consumer engagement is a human touch. When it comes to something as personal as someone’s health, can a supportive, caring, warm voice ever be replaced?  Why is that the last channel that I hear being discussed in 2016?

We believe in the importance of technology and we believe in technology as a tool to enhance the member experience. However, carriers need to proactively outreach, communicate and engage their membership with a human touch. When a carrier reaches out and welcomes me to their family as a new member. When a carrier fully explains my benefits in plain English. When a carrier goes the extra mile to make certain I understand my cost sharing. When a carrier calls me and says “you are entitled to your zero copay annual physical, let’s schedule it while I have you on the phone”. When a carrier contacts me prior to my renewal and explains any change in benefits and/or pricing…. then they will be my partner in health care and that will be the carrier that I am loyal to as a health care consumer. 

Right now the only time I speak with my carrier is when I have an issue with a claim or a bill. That expectation needs to change if carriers are to become leaders in consumer engagement instead of carrier’s current subpar reputation for customer service.

Deloitte recently put out a report entitled, Consumer engagement, guiding your customers down the yellow brick road. In that report they state “Health plans should be wary of the “shiny objects” of novel and emerging technology in the market. Attractive UX design is important and apps can deliver great value, but these tools should be supported by a shift in the health plans focus and mindset towards customers”.

Solutions exist that can help change the current health plan versus member experience to an experience of a caring, cooperative and proactive nature. We can demonstrate how your organization can personalize your member services, engage your membership as well as educate your clients with a caring warm human voice. Make your customer service stand out, make it a part of your brand. Most importantly, although a human touch may sound simple, when it comes to our health it may be just the prescription to drive your brand loyalty to the next level.

I have never heard anyone say “I love my health insurance carrier!” Isn’t it time that happened to your brand?

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