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What! My Rx wasn’t approved?

Autumn 2016

How many times has this happened to you?

Your physician writes a prescription for a new medication. It could be a new maintenance drug or something you acutely need NOW…it doesn’t really matter. You drive to the pharmacy and drop off the prescription (hopefully your physician has embraced electronic prescriptions and you can skip this first step).

They tell you it will be an hour or two…or it’s not critical and you go back at a later date and time. You arrive back at the pharmacy to pick up your prescription and low and behold, after the promised “it will be ready” time, it is not ready. Someone gives you a blank stare and says it wasn’t approved or it needs preauthorization. 

“Murphy’s law” dictates that this happens to you on a weekend or evening when your physician is not available and you have to either disturb his/her time off or wait till the next time their office is open. 

You’re enraged, you’re still sick and you have no medication. 

What you do have however is a whole lot of wasted time driving back and forth to a pharmacy and nothing to show for it.

Could you imagine if other businesses worked this way?

How livid would you be if you brought your car in to a shop for service and it wasn’t ready at the prescribed time (pun intended)? What if they had an issue or couldn’t get a part and they failed to inform you before you trekked back assuming the service was complete? 

Why is it that we accept such horrendous customer service from our healthcare providers? We wouldn’t accept it from anyone else. Not our car dealer…not our dry cleaner….no other industry gets a pass.

So what is so difficult about texting me, emailing me or calling me and saving me a trip and a headache?

Why can’t PBM’s. Payers or Pharmacies do what would be baseline customer service in any other industry?

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