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Web Chat: A Must have Tool for the Health Insurance Industry

Spring 2016

Status in the Health Insurance Industry

While other industries have embraced chat as a cost-effective means of interacting with website visitors and existing customers, the health industry has mostly not followed suit. Some of the reasons our industry has been so slow to adopt web chat include:

  • Concerns about HIPAA and security compliance.
  • A tendency to rely on old sales models and traditional methods of interaction rather than embracing change, innovation, and new technologies.
  • Implementing web chat seems overwhelming—companies that don’t outsource have to develop and activate new technology tools, train staff, create a new department, etc. 
  • Companies don’t know they can outsource their web chat service/support and have someone else handle it for them.
of insurance industry websites still aren’t
utilizing online chat

The Uses of Web Chat 

Health insurance companies can use chat to deliver a full spectrum of services for the public and existing customers:

  • Sales support 
  • Member support
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Provider search
  • Prescriptions
  • General policy questions

The Benefits of Chat

Web chat offers exceptional  benefits for insurance companies and their website visitors.

Company Benefits

  • Seamless, frustration free interaction—chat can often be linked into an Omni-channel platform allowing the visitor to seamlessly transfer between other existing channels such as voice, SMS and Email.
  • Cost Savings—web chat is cost effective; chat operators can interact with up to  five visitors concurrently.
  • Reduced numbers of traditional phone staff—website visitors use the chat tool when they can’t find answers instead of calling in for assistance. 
  • Higher member acquisition rates—visitors will often utilize the chat tool for help instead of abandoning their search altogether.
  • Excellent metrics—chat is a powerful reporting tool that can provide a wealth of analytics on your members and everyone who visits your site.
of people abandon a website purchase when they
can't get quick answers

Visitor Benefits

  • Fast, semi-anonymous interaction—people often don’t want to pick up the phone but still want to interact with a live person. 
  • Anywhere availability—chat is a flexible channel that can be used on desktops, tablets, and Smartphone's.
  • Time savings—visitors can use chat to find what they're looking for quickly in a quick and efficient manner.. 
75% of U.S. customers prefer web chat to phone

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